Hoi An to Hue by Private Car

Pick up from Hotel in Hoi An to Hue City, 1 way or 2 ways.


거리: 123 km (주 고속도로를 통해).
시간: 3 시간.
수송: 전용차 / 1 웨이 / 2 웨이.
픽업 및 드롭: Hoi An Hotel / Hotel.

  • 영어 말하기 드라이버.
  • 호별 서비스. 휘발유 및 도로 통행료.
  • 생수. 무료 와이파이.

비용 / 가격

4 석 자동차 1 가지 방법 $60
2 가지 방법 $75
7 석 자동차 1 가지 방법 $75
2 가지 방법 $85
16 석 자동차 1 가지 방법 $90
2 가지 방법 $100

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요청 예약

확장 관광

Beside Danang, Hoi An, Hue City is also a destination not to be missed when you travel in the Central Region. From romantic Hoi An to Hue, if you don’t want to miss the beautiful spots on the road, you should choose a private car

Hue is an ancient royal city in Central Vietnam. It was capital during the reign of the last dynasty of Vietnam – the Nguyen Dynasty (1802–1945). The city is known for its sturdy and majestic buildings and  structures like the Citadel, royal tombs, garden houses and pagodas.



The distance between Hoi An and Hue is 123 kilometers which is more or less 3 hour drive with a private car via Hai Van Tunnel. Unlike taking the bus or taxi, private transfer allows you to depart on your most convenient time and enjoy full day sightseeing along the way.

There are several places to visit along the way from Hoi An to Hue. Hoi An Private Cars give you the freedom to choose the places you want to explore a little more. Among the recommended stops are the following:

  • Marble Mountain – A cluster of 5 limestone and marble mountains that represents the nature elements. Marble Mountains are covered with Hindu and Buddhism grottoes.  It rewards its visitors with a fantastic panoramic view of Danang at the peak.
  • My Khe Beach – Featured in Forbes Magazine and dubbed as Vietnam’s most “picturesque beach”. This long white sand beach is one of the most visited beaches in Vietnam. My Khe Beach is a great place for sunbathing, relaxation and water adventures.
  • My Son Sanctuary (upon request +30 USD)is the holy land of the ancient kingdom of Champa. It is recognized as a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999. My Son Sanctuary reveals secrets of the ancient Hoi An dwellers, the Cham and at the same time fascinates and baffles archaeologists. My Son Holy land is an attractive destination not only for domestic but also international tourists to visit and learn about the culture, history, and architecture of Champa Ancient Kingdom.
  • Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills Danang (upon request +30 USD) – The new online sensation, the Golden Bridge rose to fame due to its unique and otherworldly architectural design. Two giant hands holding a fine golden footbridge at the top of the mountain gives the best photo opportunity to its visitors.
  • Hai Van Pass – A beautiful 21 kilometer winding road between Hue and Danang and was featured on Top Gear and dubbed as “one of the best coastal roads in the world”. It is a must see when you are traveling from Hoi An to Hue by private car. You won’t get to the Hai Van Pass viewpoint if you are traveling by bus or train.
  • Lang Co Beach – A beautiful white beach at the end of Hai Van Pass. Lang Co is  a town in the middle of two bodies of water, the Lang Co Beach and Lap An Lagoon.
  • Lap An Lagoon – Well-known for its fresh oyster farms and stunning view, Lap An Lagoon is a great stop for refreshments.
  • Elephant Springs (upon request+10$) – Natural water springs cascading down along huge walls of rock in the middle of the fore거리 The perfect place to swim, eat & drink and relax.

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