Hoi An to My Son Holyland by Private Car

Pick up from Hotel in Hoi An to My Son Holyland, 2 ways and waiting time.


거리: 40 km (주 고속도로를 통해).
시간: 1 시간. (Half day tour).
수송: 자가용 / 2 가지 방법.
픽업 및 드롭: Hoi An Hotel / My Son Holyland.

  • 영어 말하기 드라이버.
  • 호별 서비스. 휘발유 및 도로 통행료.
  • 생수. 무료 와이파이.

비용 / 가격

4 석 자동차 2 가지 방법 $38
7 석 자동차 2 가지 방법 $45
16 석 자동차 2 가지 방법 $55

약정은 택시와 Grab보다 저렴합니다. 40 % 절약. 각 여행 종료 후 지불하십시오. 즉시 확인. A / C가 강한 신차 주요 내용 : 사용 가능한 드라이버, 24/7 온라인 지원, 빠른 응답.

요청 예약

확장 관광

Private car from Hoi An to My Son take about 1 hour (40km), you will come to My Son – the famous land of the former capital and also a shrine of many temples of the Champa kingdom, lying within a small valley surrounded by majestic mountains .This used to be a place for worshiping as well as an area of ​​tombs of mandarins and royal kings of the ancient Cham kingdoms.



My Son was forgotten for a long time up to centuries, until it was discovered in 1885 and in 1999 it was chosen by UNESCO as a world heritage as the only evidence of the background civilization has disappeared

  • To the appointment time, our driver will pick you up at your hotel in Hoi An and drive to My Son
    The driver will take you through the beautiful streets and see the life of Hoi An people. You will witness why Hoi An previously became such a large international trading port.
  • Coming to My Son you will hear about the secrets that have never been answered, watch the dances of sculpted gods on the tiles, and find out why the hardworking Linga and Yoni are spirits. Why is the ancient Cham people able to build such temples with a rudimentary technique? And maybe, you are the one who will have answers to all those secrets
  • In particular, adding a highlight when coming to My Son mesmerized viewers is the fanciful Apsara dance – the ancient dancing of Apsara fairies is only for the gods.


  • Brilliant Shiva dance shows start at 9:30 am10:30 am and 14:30 pm daily.

And Johnny Travel will contribute a small part to make your trip more safe, comfortable with professional, enthusiastic driver, will always wait for you until you finish the tour in My Son.

Do not ignore My Son, it will definitely make your trip to Vietnam this time very impressive.

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